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CiteXL v1.5 (FREEWARE)

Latest version v1.5.2

December 2021


A cut down version of BQFilter v3.7 which has been ported to Xojo to maintain full compatibility with 64 bit versions of Excel for Cite <----> Excel conversions.
Available as Inno setup executable,  .msi installation file or portable installation. Choose your download option below

Windows XP through to Windows 10 compatible files

SetupCiteXL.exe  (Inno Setup file)
SetupCiteXL.msi  (Microsoft Installer file)  (Portable installation file)

BQFilter v3.7 (FREEWARE)

Latest version v3.7.1

December 2021


Software.Informer Virus Free award

Convert your BQ files between Calculix, CITE, Excel and ConQuest formats.
All configurations now fully interactive.
CITE to native ConQuest conversion extended to output complete ConQuest version 6 compatible projects. ISAM indices automatically rebuilt so that ConQuest BQ data is ready to use.
Get your unpriced BQ's into ConQuest reliably!  Why use BQFilter for this and not ConQuest's own import facility? 
New in v3 - Excel output in single or multiple worksheets. Excel to CITE option for separate CITE files (per worksheet BQ). CITE tweaker extended to adjust bill references.



QSOnscreen v4.0 (FREEWARE)

Latest version v4.0.3

July 2018


Software.Informer Virus Free award

Measure accurate areas, lengths and volumes from onscreen images of your drawings.
Accuracy comparable with expensive digitisers.
JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP and PNG image formats supported. 
Simple to use zoom-in and outline functionality. (View details and tutorial here)
Export lengths and angles directly to Calculix QS room data format. (View details and tutorial here)
New in v3 - Calculate volumes of  earthworks in "cut and fill" mode. See demarcation between cut and fill areas on screen. Fully user configurable to add or adjust levels. Export interpolated levels data to spreadsheet. (View details and tutorial here)
New from v3.5 - Import levels from related outlines. Export Calculix room data to spreadsheet schedule.
See how QSOnscreen's volume calculation compares against manual calculations using the Trapezoidal Rule and/or Simpson's Rule.(View details here)
More worked examples of volume calculation and comparison with other similar computer programs (View details here)

You have arrived at the website of E-Quantities Ltd. providers of computer generated quantities to the UK construction industry since 2003.

Read on to find out more about computer generated quantities, and follow the links to our freeware download area to get some useful QS and Estimation utilities.

BQFilter is a useful utility to convert your Bills of Quantity files between a number of different file formats including native Calculix, MS Excel, native ConQuest and the industry standard CITE format.

We have made this utility available as freeware (privately AND commercially) to promote the use of electronic Bills of Quantities. Other functionality will be added as we find a need, so check back regularly for upgrades to the BQFilter program.

Our other freeware offering is QSOnscreen. A utility which we use to measure areas and lengths by outlining over screen images of drawings. In "cut and fill" mode you can enter existing and finished levels onto your outlined areas then calculate earthworks and disposal volumes at the press of a button. If you check out the competition, to get functionality like this you can expect a bill well into the 000's usually accompanied by an annual support charge. You can use QSOnscreen privately AND commercially for FREE... All we ask in return is if you find it useful, let someone else know who might also find it useful. If you want to read about the linear and bi-linear interpolations and extrapolations involved in the cut and fill calculations, it is all explained in the introductory tutorial which accompanies the program.

All our production quantities projects are measured using Highbrave Ltd.'s software on FreeBSD which is equally accessible in real-time to workstations within our local area network or remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Also under a FREEWARE licence, you can download a fully functional version of Calculix with no restriction on time limit or functionality. So you don't have to take our word that it's an excellent QS program. You can try it for yourself. Read on for more details...



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