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Receiving reports and BQ's

When you "printscreen" <F3 key>, create a report or create a Bill of Quantities the file is sent to your local pc using the zmodem protocol which SecureNetTerm will handle automatically.

All you have to do is tell SecureNetTerm which directory on your local machine you want to use to receive reports and BQ's.

Note: If the chosen directory doesn't exist your report or BQ will not be saved.

You choose which directory to receive reports and BQ's by clicking on :

Options > Setup > Global Settings > General

The General tab looks like this

Choose the download directory by browsing your hard disk (eg. c:\my documents\). Leave all the other settings unaltered.

All reports (incl. "printscreen") will be sent to you in Microsoft rich text format which can be viewed and/or printed from Microsoft Word.

The Bills of Quantities are sent to you in native Calculix format for further processing on your local machine using BQ Filter


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