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Converting BQ's using BQ Filter

You must download and install BQ filter before converting your Bills of Quantities into the desired format.

The BQ Filter startup screen is very straightforward

Simply click the button to convert Calculix to CITE or Excel.

Note: In order to create an Excel BQ you must have Excel installed on your computer. The BQ Filter program calls it remotely to produce and save the final Excel BQ.

You do not need Excel installed to create a CITE BQ from Calculix.

It is also possible to save BQ's in Microsoft rich text format (.rtf) for direct editing and/or printing using Microsoft Word without the need for further processing using BQ Filter.

The edw2rtf filter which originally shipped with the unix versions of Calculix is very basic and necessitates the use of a fixed pitch font (Courier or similar) to achieve the correct page layout. E-Quantities' edw2rtf filter is much more sophisticated. Existing Calculix (unix versions) users can download the c++ source code (with FreeBSD binary) here. Use it freely at your own risk. A dos text format version of the source is available here.

Before compiling and replacing the original edw2rtf executable, you may need to edit the location of the .edw input file which is currently hard coded into the program. Email if want to use this filter but are unsure what to do.


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