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Checking the Configuration

Before making the connection, you need to configure your SecureNetterm client with the correct settings for your server. If you copied the (netterm2.ini) initialisation file earlier in the process, most of the correct settings should be there already.

When you click on SecureNetTerm's "Phone Directory" button a dialog similar to this will appear. The term "Phone Directory" is not appropriate in this case since the connection being made is by direct tcp/ip rather than by using a modem over a telephone line. 

If it isn't already selected, select "user" (as in the above example) then click on the "Change" button. Make the necessary change to the Host Name in place of "user" and ensure the hostname, host and port number are all set to match your ssh server. The standard port number for ssh connections is port 22. 

Next, click on the "SSH Wizard" button to tell SecureNetTerm about your key pair.

The "Protocol" window looks like this

Enter your username in the "Host Userid" box and ensure the host server "SSH-2" is selected.


The "Authentication" window looks like this

Ensure the checkbox saying "Use public/private key" is checked.


The "Public/Private Key" window should look like this

Click on the "Browse" button to select the location of your private key filename. This is one of the files you created earlier. If SecureNetTerm is in its default location on win9x/winxp this will be

 "c:\program files\...\SecureNetTerm\.ssh\user_dsa"

 (where user_dsa is replaced by your own personal filename).

Now click on the "Finish" button. The remaining windows of the SSH Wizard need no further configuration.


The configuration is now complete so you can go online and once your Internet connection is established, click on the "Connect" button. You should see a startup screen like this.

You can now use Calculix.


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