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Remote PC access to Calculix

To start off you will need a suitable pc running a legacy FreeBSD operating system with the appropriate services and compatibility packs installed. We use version 4.10 

An installation cd image and all necessary packages can be downloaded from here

On modern equipment running windows 7 or windows 8 you can install the legacy FreeBSD operating system as a virtual machine. It works well on Oracle VirtualBox

If you are only going to be running the Calculix program locally, a telnet service will suffice but if you have plans for remote access then a secure shell service is more appropriate and will need to be installed on your FreeBSD box or virtual box.

After following the instructions which accompany the Calculix download to get the program up and running, you can get access to Calculix from user workstations with suitable terminal emulation software

  1. Getting started
  2. Getting a key pair
  3. Checking the configuration
  4. Operation generally
  5. Receiving reports and BQ's
  6. BQ's and
  7. Purchasing Calculix

Once up and running, the online manual will guide you through all the available features. Details of file transfer (to your remote location) for reports and BQ's are described in this section. The section in the manual on printing relates only to printing within the confines of a local office and is noted as such.


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