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Worked-Up Data

  1. Worked-up data
  2. Worked-up data menu - generally
  3. The Filename - Worked-up data
  4. The Location Code - Worked-up data
  5. The Records - Worked-up data
  6. Auto-code - Worked-up data
  7. Additional Entries - Worked-up data
  8. Text Variables a/d - Worked-up data
  9. Adders - Worked-up data
  10. Incorporating Worked-up data into the Bill


Worked-up data

The worked-up data facility enables sections of a project to be taken-off using the traditional manual methods such as "cut-and-shuffle" and then input these into the Calculix system for incorporation into a Calculix bill, valuation chart etc.


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Worked-up data menu - generally

The usual menu options of Add/Edit, Browse, Copy, Delete and List are available. In addition, because the data is not "calculated" in the same way as the Calculix data is "calculated", the data is merged directly using a special routine, which adds the data to the appropriate Bill or Valuation file.

Worked-up data is a special case of the Element worksheet and most of the fields are the same as those used in the Element worksheet. Generally the facilities available on the Element worksheet are also available on the Worked up data worksheet. In particular <F11> works in the same way to display the description of an Item Code or to copy the Item Code from the last item, as appropriate.


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The Filename - Worked-up data

The worked-up data is expected to be input in batches corresponding to a section of Take-off. The batch of data will be stored under a filename and all worked-up data is stored and accessed using this filename.

When a valid Worked-up data file name has been entered the Worked-up data worksheet will be displayed and the cursor will be positioned on the location code field.


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The Location Code - Worked-up data

The location of the batch of data must be entered if the data is to be subsequently incorporated into the Valuation system. The data entry then resembles the Element Worksheet except that, in this case, the quantity is input as an actual number and not as a formula as in the case of the Element worksheet.


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The Records - Worked-up data

The worked-up data records take the same form as the Element data records and the relevant fields are completed in the same way.


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Auto-code - Worked-up data

The full facilities of Auto-code are available for automatically finding and inserting the required Item Code for the description of the item. For details of Auto-code, refer to the appropriate section of the manual.


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Additional Entries - Worked-up data

Once the worksheet is complete the data can be written away by pressing <END> and a new blank worksheet will be provided. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be entered into a batch of worked-up data and there is no restriction on the number of batches that can be created.


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Text Variables a/d - Worked-up data

The text variable a/d facility works in Worked-Up Data in exactly the same way as data entered on an Element Worksheet.


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Adders - Worked-up data

Because of the absence of the formula field on the Worked-up data worksheet, Adders cannot be used in conjunction with worked up data.


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Incorporating Worked-up data into the Bill

Batches of Worked up data are automatically incorporated into the Bills by virtue of the room location code that they are given. As long as the room location code is a valid code and included in the UNITS that are being processed the Worked up data will automatically be included in the Bill.

Batches of worked up data can be included more than once by copying the batch to a different room using the Copy Worked Up data routine.


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