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Running The Calculix Program

  1. Running Calculix
  2. Contract selection menu
  3. The Contract Code
  4. The reference libraries
  5. Contract menu

Running Calculix

Calculix is accessed by logging-on to the Computer in the usual way (using the password if necessary).

Calculix can then be run by typing : /port/bin/qss

If your computer operating system provides a Main Menu then instead of typing the above command you can select the Calculix option and this will take you straight to the Calculix Main Menu.

When you have selected the Calculix program you will see the Calculix Main Menu displayed. This menu includes ALL of the facilities available in the Calculix system.

All of the routines used for working on a Contract are contained in the CONTRACTS option

The two Master Libraries (Descriptions and Elements) are processed using the MASTER LIBRARIES option. The facilities are explained in detail in the relevant section of the manual.

The word processing system on your computer can be accessed using the WORD PROCESSING option.

The FILING option includes options for Backing up and restoring project data and it explained in detail in Chapter 23 of the manual.

The UTILITIES option includes some general utilities which are explained in detail in Chapter 24.



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Contract selection menu

To start work on a Calculix project select "Calculix Contracts" by pressing 'C'.

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The Contract Code

On entry, Calculix will ask for a Contract Code. Enter the office Contract Code for the job and <DOWN>.

A list of all the existing Contracts can be obtained by pressing the <HOME> key. Use the <ARROW> keys to move to the contract required and the <END> key to select that contract. Press <HOME> again to display more contracts.

NOTE Contract codes may not contain certain special characters. Any attempt to use these characters will cause a message to be displayed asking you to use a different character.

If the Contract Code has been established previously, the screen will show the Contract Description and the cursor will be placed on the first character. If the Description name requires to be edited, make the necessary changes. When you have the Description you want press (DOWN).

If the Contract Code that you have entered has not been used before Calculix will create a New Contract. The cursor will be moved to the Contract Description field and you should type in the appropriate description. When you have the Description you want press (DOWN).

The Calculix CONTRACTS menu contains all of the programs needed to process a Contract using the Calculix system.

If you press <ESC> whilst the Calculix Contract Menu is displayed, you will Exit Calculix. When Calculix has been terminated you will be returned to the Calculix Main Menu.


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The reference libraries

When a valid Contract code has been entered the screen will display the codes for the libraries which are to be used for reference during this editing session. If this is an existing Contract the fields will already contain the codes for the two Libraries that were used during the last editing session. If this is a new Contract the fields will be blank.

Enter the codes for the Libraries you want to use for this session. A BLANK entry in either, or both, cases will select the appropriate MASTER Library. When you have entered the required Libraries press <END> and the screen will display the Calculix CONTRACTS menu.


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Contract menu

Select the required process by typing the first letter of the option and you are ready to proceed with the use of the Calculix system.


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