CITE files imported to and exported from estimating packages

Although some estimating packages claim to be CITE compliant, the .ebq files created for export are not always fully compliant. Take a look at this example.

You can see that 0 (zero) has been used as a heading level identifier. This should be a number from 1 to 8.
Priceable items should have a level identifier 9. In the example the priceable items don't have any level identifier.

The quantity relating to a particular reference must appear on the last line containing a description of a priced item. In the example the quantity appears on the first line of the description.

All the above could cause an import to fail.

To meet the needs of estimating packages which don't stick strictly to the CITE4.2 standard, BQ Filter has been made user configurable to output files where the quantity appears on the first line of text or the last line of text. Also the priced item identifier (9) can be printed or suppressed.


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