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IMPORTANT NOTE: This conversion will output files compatible with the popular ConQuest Estimating software but it is a "third party" utility so if you have any problems with its use contact NOT ConQuest Ltd. You can find out more about ConQuest from their website


The image above shows a typical CITE Bill of Quantities which can be used as input in the CITE to ConQuest converter. This CITE input file was actually created as an output file using the Calculix to CITE converter.

If you want to try it for yourself you can download the input file here (.ebq file)

The image above shows the simple BQFilter user interface. You select which filter you wish to use and are then prompted with an options screen (see image below) where you are asked a few questions about the input file you are using. After the options are set, you are prompted for an input filename. On completion of the process a message box will inform you of the name of the output directory. The 23 files in this newly created directory can be copied into your ConQuest jobs folder and accessed directly by your ConQuest system.

BQ Directory

This setting, which is browseable, describes the location of your input files. The output files will be placed in the same directory on your hard drive.

Page/Item Separator

Under the CITE4.2 rules, one of a number of characters can be used to separate the page reference from the item reference though in practice this is nearly always a forward slash (/). It is also acceptable to NOT use a separator at all and still be CITE compliant if the number of characters used in each part of the overall reference is stated. Consequently, you must choose from the drop down list which character is used (forward slash, back slash, hyphen, semi-colon, comma or none). If "NONE" is selected a secondary option is required to give the number of characters used in the item part of the reference. This option is not applicable and will be greyed out if a separator is used.

Which ConQuest description library are you using?

This entry will be depend on which ConQuest description libraries you have available with your ConQuest system. ConQuest library names can be up to four characters long and the one entered in the BQFilter settings must exist on your ConQuest system or an error message will be generated in ConQuest.

ConQuest output project name?

ConQuest project names can be up to seven characters long. Choose one which fits in with your usual naming conventions.

Quantity on first or last line?

Change this setting to FIRST or LAST depending on whether the quantity in the CITE input file is on the first line of text or the last line. This will only apply to long descriptions. Note that this option is available to retain compatibility with estimating packages which don't strictly comply with the CITE 4.2 standard.

Force uppercase or lowercase?

Change this setting to force the units in the ConQuest output to be all uppercase, all lowercase or to be left the same as in the input CITE file.

General information about copying items within ConQuest

Experienced ConQuest users will be familiar with this procedure already but for the rest of us this is how to do it.

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