What is CITE?

CITE stands for "Construction Industry Trading Electronically". It describes standards for electronic information exchange for the UK construction industry. The standard followed by BQ Filter is CITE version 4.2 for Bills of Quantities.

The CITE website with all the details used to be located at but that now re-directs elsewhere and I couldn't find any other information there so you can download the pdf version of the CITE4.2 standard from here CITE4.2 for Bills of Quantities

The CITE Bills of Quantities produced by BQ Filter are plain text files which can be viewed using Notepad or WordPad and have the file extension .ebq

Each line of text contains fixed length fields as follows

Character Position Field Description
0 Information Identifier
2-11 Reference
13-62 Text
64-74 Quantity
76-79 Unit of Measure
81-90 Price Rate
92-104 Extended Price
106-108 Price Qualifier
110-120 Spare 1
122-124 Currency
126 Currency Qualifier
128-138 Spare 2

As well as the Bill of Quantity information, the CITE file also contains header and footer control information at the beginning and end of the file plus simple checksum error checking.


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